How Deep Is The Hole ??


20 thoughts on “How Deep Is The Hole ??

  1. Perhaps a balance between attachment and detachment. Western thought says it’s OK to have things as long as they don’t monopolize your life and thinking and naturally be wholesome. But few do not become addicted to material things of one sort or another. Must also balance by knowing things come into our lives and also fade out of our lives and must have acceptance that much is beyond our control.Detachment is a goal in Eastern thought as it is supposedly liberating but I think one must be involved and have a social conscience and take action against the many forms of oppression. Thanks visit my blog.

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    1. Everyone has their own perspective of looking at things…Also depends on one’s emotional quotient how they pursue it…Thank you so much for your valuable comments and visiting my blog…I will surely visit your blog…:)


    1. Yes but you see no one can run away from the reality.You can just avoid it though it is still there at the back of our mind that yes this exist.Therefore either one has to learn to let go and move on or keep holding n stay in pain…B/w hows your trip going ?? Hope you are having a gala time…Keep posting…:)

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    1. Hellooo Buddy..!! I just loved the way you said…”Oyee Prachi” hehe it made me feel so happyy ke log yaad kar rahe he abhi bhi ;-). I really feel blog has become our second home. However one goes far, they have to come back to feel better! anyways the thing is currently m too occupied with my work and as you know i am a moody writer i need lots of time and concentration to write plus i am in lot of hush-bush with my commitments but i never fail to reply you guys because its about keeping the relations. May be not immediately but i will surely reply. Lets see i can come up with something after march? Hope you are doing great and awesome at health. Sorry for not being on the board. M glad that you are doing excellent at your blog and keeping viewers intact.. Keep going and will surely get back! Many Thanks Prachi πŸ˜€

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      1. Ahhhhh……………….Prachiiiiiiiii….! You’re still the same gal….. its gud to hear u r doing great!! Well! i guess i m a kind of miss u on board…..Hope U come back soon…..\m/ πŸ™‚


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      1. Hehe…Don’t worry. This is very normal n i feel its important to give yourself a break to start afresh…so lets be v.positive n kip going…wish u oll d best fr your writings…be blessed πŸ™‚

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