Month: August 2015

Colors Of Life!!


(Image Courtesy : Google)

She Loved Rains..!!

It Was Assumed…She Was Fond Of Getting Wet.That Finical Feeling Of Water Droplets Touching Every Trace On Her Body Palpitating Completely Into Its Spell.

Little It Was Known…

She Was Immensely In Love With The Rainbows…,

She Never Knew The Cause But She Was Assured Of One Thing…It Was The Only Element In This Universe Which Stroked Her In The Most Intimated Manner.

And She Waited Every Year Just To Get A Glimpse Of It…Not Because She Was A Halfwit…She Was Aware That It Was Not There For Her To Stay.

She Neither Expected It To Be.

Though Rainbows Are Known To Spread Colors In One’s Life.She Convinced Herself With The Fact That They Were Blind Towards Her Love And Returned Back To The State Of Solitude!!

– Prachi Vasani